Horseshoe Tournaments in Southern Utah

What you need to know about Horseshoe Pitching Tournaments:

1- Everyone is welcome; pitching classes are divided by skill level from the first time beginner to the old pro.

2- All ages are welcome; as a lifetime sport there are groups for Little Kids - Teenagers - Parents - Grand Parents.  Yes, Horseshoes tends to be a Family sport where multiple generations can play together!  Little kids are allowed to stand as close as 20', women, teenagers and elder men up to 30' and men 19-70 at the full 40'.  As the saying goes, "A Family Who Plays Together Stays Together!"

3- Most tournaments begin at 10:00am and last 2-4 hours, depending on the number of participants. Be sure to notify the Tournament Director (as listed on the schedule) at least 2 days before a tournament that you will be there - and then on the day of the tournament come about a half-hour early to get warmed up.

4- First time participants will need come about 1 hour before start time to pitch 100 shoes in order to establish a ringer %.  This will determine your starting skill level and helps the tournament director put you in a class with others of a similar pitching skill, there is a class for everyone.

5- Cash Prizes!  The top 3 or 4 finishers in each class receive a payout.  These winnings typically come from an entry fee paid by participants to pitch in each tournament.  Most tournaments have a $20 entry fee for adults and $4 for kids under 19.  There are a couple tournaments with a higher adult fee in order to provide an even higher payout!!  Trophies, Plaques, Certificates, Patches, and other Prizes are often part of the winnings as well.

6- We typically play a "round-robin," so you will be able to pitch against everyone in your class.  You can expect to pitch anywhere from 4-6 games at a typical tournament.  The winner of each game is decided by who is leading after each contestant pitches 40 horseshoes in competition.

7- All tournaments are sanctioned by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA).  Each participant is charged a once-annual NHPA fee which provides:
  • Insurance during any tournament you attend that year across the USA, 
  • A personalized entry in the national statistical database so you can track your tournament ringer % online, 
  • A bi-monthly electronic news magazine that will keep you up-to-date with everything-horseshoes across the country, 
  • Eligibility to qualify for the Utah State Horseshoe Pitching Championships,
  • And an NHPA card # that gives you eligibility to enter the annual World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament!  
The once-annual fee is $40 for adults and $6 for kids under 19. Register online now or in person at any tournament or league event. Annual renewals is simple, just search for your name in eShoe and click "Renew".

8- If you have horseshoes of your own, feel free to bring them.  You may find that recreational models purchased from big box stores are easily broken with regular use.  Tournament model horseshoes tend to hold up much longer and are designed for proper weight and balance.  We are fortunate to have a regional distributor in Utah from whom you can easily order a pair of new shoes if needed; Dennis' Horseshoes.  If you don't have a pair now let us know and we can bring a pair for you to try out until you are able to get your own.

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