Welcome to Utah's newest competitive sport for High School age* youth!  This may be the first time you have heard that Horseshoe Pitching is an organized sport.  Indeed, Horseshoes has been an organized sport in Utah since the early 1920's.  Utah has even hosted the NHPA World Championship Tournament 15 times, including twice in the last 5 years in St. George.  Utah also boast's the highest amount of Youth who currently compete in Horseshoes in the USA.  

Horseshoes is a great sport that is
Simple enough that anyone can play it, from the very young, to the very old.  Yet, it has also been called the most Challenging sport to truly master (...just go try to make a ringer on every pitch, pretty tough!).  Although challenging and competitive, horseshoes is also a highly Social sport, which makes it the perfect blend of simplicity, challenge, and fun.  

Utah has led the way in the sport of Horseshoes in many ways.  The formation of the Utah High School Horseshoe League (UHSHL) is the latest in this trend.  You are invited to be on the cutting edge of Horseshoe history by forming a team for the 2019 Spring UHSHL season.

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* Participant ages may range from 13-18 and may include interested Jr. High students.